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 Drum Wood Chipper

Drum Wood Chipper

drum chipper

drum chipper

  Drum wood chipper is a special equipment for the preparation of various high quality wood chips, used in paper mills, particleboard mills, fiberboard factory wood production, export base. Can be logs, small diameter wood and other cutting into uniform length, uniform incision, the thickness of uniform high-quality industrial wood chips, but also cutting branches, plates and so on.

  Drum-type chippers can cut logs, slabs, slabs, slag boards, bamboo, cotton poles and other non-wood fiber rods into certain specifications of the film, as at least particleboard, fibreboard, non-wood Pulp and paper of the basic raw materials. The machine structure is advanced, cutting sheet material quality is high, raw material adaptability, easy operation and maintenance. Machine by the base, knife roll, feeding roller up and down, conveyor belt, hydraulic system and other components.

  The base is made of high-strength steel plate, which is the foundation of the whole machine. The knife is equipped with two flying knives, and the knife is fixed on the knife roll through the pressure block. The different thickness of the cutting material, the feeding roller assembly can be used in the hydraulic system in a certain range up and down the floating, cutting down the qualified material through the mesh sieve from the bottom of the row, the large pieces of paper will be in the machine and then cutting The

  Hydraulic system: the oil from the hand pump to the fuel tank, you can start the shell, easy to replace the blade, in the maintenance of the time can be raised on the feed roller assembly, easy to adjust the knife, the knife at the end of the gap and comb the disassembly.

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