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Wood Shaving Machine

Wood Shaving Machine

wood shaving machine

wood shaving machine

wood shaving machine

wood shaving machine

wood shaving machine

wood shaving machine

  Wood shavings are mainly used for mass production of thin slices of wood shavings, is a special for wood processing for the shavings of the equipment. It consists of a rack, a platform placed on a frame, a knife holder fixed to the platform, the wood entering the machine from the feed inlet, slicing the blade inside the machine, shaving the shavings, the size of the shavings, There is no difference between the handmade shavings.

  Product Usage

  You can do particleboard (plywood), paper mills to do the raw materials of wood pulp paper, transport companies to do fragile goods transport fillings for small pigs, cattle, sheep and various animals to do the filling of the nest, can also be used as Bioenergy.


  The machine can be logs, branches (branches), board edge processed into shavings, produced by the shavings and furniture factory produced shavings, automatic feeding equipment, greatly improving the production speed, but also save time and manpower. The machine is automatically crushed wood processing into the wood shavings of the equipment, raw materials from the feed inlet into the first, the first blade, cutting into the crushing chamber, by the impact of high-speed rotation of the hammer and cutting knife under the appointment of crushed by the built-in wind Leaves produced by the wind through the screen to send out the mouth or external fan pumping outlet. The size of the shavings is determined by adjusting the length of the blade and the size of the mesh to accommodate a variety of needs.

  Use the fault and the solution

  (1) When the wood shredder is used, the belt is easy to bite because the rotor of the motor and the wood shredder are different from each other, and the position of the motor can be moved left or right, or the pad is placed under the foot of the motor to adjust the concentricity of the two rotors degree.

  (2) wood shavings shredders production is relatively low. Cause: The blade is not sharp or the knife is not adjusted to the right position. Solution: Remove the knife, repair blade, adjust the blade to the appropriate chip position.

  (3) feeding difficulties, knife and chip difficult. Reason: knife wear serious, fixed knife gap is too large or too small. Solution: grinding blade, to ensure that the blade sharp. Adjust the knife gap 2-3mm, blade angle can not be greater than 30 °.

  (4) Feed too fast machine crash. Reason: the feed speed is uneven, the blade is not sharp. Solution: uniform feeding, to ensure that the silty warehouse is not expected. Grinding blade, so that knife chip speed. (5) bearing heat. Cause: There is no butter in the bearing housing, the bearing is not flat and the bearing is damaged. Belt installed too tight. Solution: bearing the addition of butter, bearing seat balance, new bearings, adjust the belt elastic, so that equipment work properly.

  Daily maintenance

  (1) after the use of the belt every day to adjust the elastic, down 6-10mm appropriate.

  (2) clean the inside of the machine, can not leave the last crushed material.

  (3) bearing timely filling butter, continuous 3-4 hours of filling a butter, should pay attention to observation.

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